Drone Bicycle Kick Challenge! | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

8. aug.. 2020
697 205 Ganger

#UCL #Challenge #Ad
In this vid we take on challenge of trying to score bicycle kicks with balls dropped from the sky using a drone! Like the vid if you would want to do this challenge 😁😁😁
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  • Wonderfull good Jezza and Billy

    Dr.prakash MadicareDr.prakash Madicare22 dager siden
  • I am a huge F2 fan but their reactions were rubbish

    Junayd Aqeel KhanJunayd Aqeel KhanMåned siden
  • What an ending as well. Wow what a video

    arnold zelayaarnold zelaya3 måneder siden
  • Great job keeper and great bicycles Billy and Jezz!

    arnold zelayaarnold zelaya3 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/z6LQa9Nn26XWlcmn.htmlvtvtv

    TV JegueTV Jegue4 måneder siden
  • Papà di nisjsksos Kpsks di un vs gentile richiesta le allego la Los Angels a tutti voi mi hanno chiesto socia

    Mirko MirandaMirko Miranda4 måneder siden
  • Who here is a Bayern and Lewy fan???

    Gabriel SliwinskiGabriel Sliwinski5 måneder siden
  • Who is that goalkeeper boy He is so awesome

    Dilu DilayiiDilu Dilayii5 måneder siden
  • Flash would ask for a pass then run really fast grab a trampoline then do a bicycle kick

    Kool KidKool Kid5 måneder siden
  • Best

    ITZ JackITZ Jack5 måneder siden
  • Yes yes but I’m going home is a day is the

    ITZ JackITZ Jack5 måneder siden
  • Who else after seeing the thumbnail thought that they were going to hit the drone by bicycle kick

    Harjinder SinghHarjinder Singh6 måneder siden
  • Love, peace and Tekkers!🤞🏾

    Samuel WaleolaSamuel Waleola6 måneder siden
  • Nice

  • :)))))))))))))))))

    Bách Nguyễn GiaBách Nguyễn Gia6 måneder siden
  • we want more pranks

    wilbur johnwilbur john6 måneder siden
  • Good to see a decent keeper, some of the keepers can't even catch corona.

    Ian RodriguezIan Rodriguez6 måneder siden
  • حد عربي هنا

    alboss ali khaledalboss ali khaled6 måneder siden
  • I am a liverpool fan and this hurts

    Alan O'KeeffeAlan O'Keeffe6 måneder siden
  • Looks so fun to do

    Mason AldenMason Alden6 måneder siden
  • Moussa Sow

    Yusuf ÖzdemirYusuf Özdemir6 måneder siden
  • Bayern won 1-0 in the final vs psg

    Omar AbukoushOmar Abukoush6 måneder siden
  • Great vid

    Yuvi BainsYuvi Bains6 måneder siden
  • Sick

    diomandplayer09 Gamingdiomandplayer09 Gaming6 måneder siden
  • can you guys do some more card shootout challenges i love them ❤😍

    Anshvriti SangAnshvriti Sang6 måneder siden
  • I love the football this is my favorite game

    charbelxd2charbelxd26 måneder siden
  • اثبتوا وجودكم ياعرب

    محمد العايدمحمد العايد6 måneder siden
  • Imagine if the there was on one of the f2

    PhamPham6 måneder siden
  • Bellends

    JiggaJuiceJiggaJuice6 måneder siden
  • To the person who’s reading this You are amazing and deserve the whole world!! I love you!! 💕

    CoinGoodGucciCoinGoodGucci6 måneder siden
  • F2 must do the chest catch tutorial please

    Tyrique NonohTyrique Nonoh6 måneder siden
  • I an turkish

    Emre BayraktarEmre Bayraktar6 måneder siden
  • I love 😍 u too

    Matt EvansMatt Evans6 måneder siden
  • Лохииииииииииииии

    ivan trofimovivan trofimov6 måneder siden
  • 8-2

    Carl Villiam MichelsenCarl Villiam Michelsen6 måneder siden
  • they are such sello outs#

    Oliver BrowningOliver Browning6 måneder siden
  • Bayern win the chapionleague

    Neldi GamingNeldi Gaming6 måneder siden
  • Lets Appreciate The Goalkeeper.

    Jamal KhanJamal Khan6 måneder siden
  • With the right editing our granny's could do this as well.

    It is TimeIt is Time6 måneder siden
  • Love f2 is it bezza or jilly i like bezza

    Tahyab AzimTahyab Azim6 måneder siden
  • Seeing Billy In Shorts and Non football Socks is a big throw off for me 😂🤣

    Jordan JonesJordan Jones6 måneder siden
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    matthewmatthew6 måneder siden
  • I really respect you guys, you guys are Legendary

    ava avaava ava6 måneder siden
  • Jeremy Lynch is the most horrible person on NOworld!

    Joe RuddJoe Rudd6 måneder siden
    • Why?

      GrzybulecGrzybulec6 måneder siden
  • Y’all do realize that they spend hours on the pitch to get their good shots in the video they don’t just completely ass rape anybody that comes and plays keeper for them

    Dawson GamberDawson Gamber6 måneder siden
  • Two wankers

    Kyle SmithKyle Smith6 måneder siden
  • Wow! I remember when they were at 600k. Grew sooo fast I barely noticed that they are now on 12.3mil!

    MarioMario6 måneder siden
  • Love your vids

    GTD SportsGTD Sports6 måneder siden
  • Thank you dude

    mohad faizimohad faizi6 måneder siden
  • Wheres Billy's hair gone

    Nataleigh BrianNataleigh Brian6 måneder siden
  • Looks like bill got a haircut

    Pauline ChanPauline Chan6 måneder siden
  • Lewandowski

    gabi righettigabi righetti6 måneder siden
  • 100 ft attempt?

    North StarNorth Star6 måneder siden
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙❤️🧡💛💚💙💚💚💚🧡💚💛💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️❤️💖❣️💝🤎💓💗💖💞💓💔💗💓💕

    jooj Almutairijooj Almutairi6 måneder siden
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    AbegazAbegaz6 måneder siden
  • hello 👋👋👋

    danh vô bụi đờidanh vô bụi đời6 måneder siden
  • F2 do a trick shot with 20 good goal keepers ! 😮

    Vertozal MunsamyVertozal Munsamy6 måneder siden
  • Jeremy is a 🐍

    Rodger NegielsRodger Negiels6 måneder siden
  • Good goalkepper

    Atahan TuranAtahan Turan6 måneder siden
  • Who is better like jez or comment billy you can pick one only

    Scorn27Scorn276 måneder siden
  • hi i like soccer o i make similar video like him on my channel

    Robert NkundaRobert Nkunda6 måneder siden
  • I am from turkey you fanatic following

    KarakartalKarakartal6 måneder siden
  • Can you sponser my football club?

    Tobias SeppTobias Sepp6 måneder siden
  • Bro plz come to India manipur

    Somorendro AheibamSomorendro Aheibam6 måneder siden
  • Please do the card shooting challenge

    Gautam DasGautam Das6 måneder siden
  • Billy and Jezza Walcamtwo MANCHESTER CITY

    Hari SubariHari Subari6 måneder siden
  • Hi billy

    Ronnie RedfernRonnie Redfern6 måneder siden
  • Calling it next video is with this kid called Arat/Arat.Gym

    100 subs with no videos ヘ100 subs with no videos ヘ6 måneder siden
  • Bayern 8 Barca 2

    Sinar ZinZinSinar ZinZin6 måneder siden
  • You guys are awesome how come you don't play for professional clubs

    abdu Talhaabdu Talha6 måneder siden
  • Yo F2 you are the best non footballers

    Yuvi BainsYuvi Bains6 måneder siden
  • Can you make a video with messi

    LondonLondon6 måneder siden
  • Can you guys please do a review of the new X Ghosted+ when it comes out??

    Marcus GeigerMarcus Geiger6 måneder siden
  • whoever is reading this comment has not even finished the video but are scrolling through the comments

    Onalerona PuleOnalerona Pule6 måneder siden
  • Like if f2 are the best

    Ahmad abdulkarimAhmad abdulkarim6 måneder siden
  • Finally *There isn't a mannequin standing in the goal*

    AJAJ6 måneder siden
    • _AJ _ plus the only f2 video I watched for a month was the 16 goalie one because it looked interesting

      DR. SKOOTCHYDR. SKOOTCHY6 måneder siden
    • _AJ _ 🤦‍♂️ I mean I can’t find the “stolen” comment but okay

      DR. SKOOTCHYDR. SKOOTCHY6 måneder siden
    • At least i didn't steal it :/

      AJAJ6 måneder siden
    • Well found your comment on this video

      DR. SKOOTCHYDR. SKOOTCHY6 måneder siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/lGvEpdVpyc3dqtE.html

  • 👏🏻👏🏻

    Kral EnesKral Enes6 måneder siden
  • Can you meet with Muhammed Salah please and do like crossbar challenges

    Amina MushtaqAmina Mushtaq6 måneder siden
  • Billy and Jezza: hit the ball first time me: I should try that :> me: hit the ball after the 100th time;w;

    starduststardust6 måneder siden
  • Love from bangladesh

    Md NibirMd Nibir6 måneder siden
  • east or west north or south

    Rajmani ghimireRajmani ghimire6 måneder siden
  • Hey Jezza and Billy you have epic battle f2 and unbeatble machine race please

    La Casa De PapelLa Casa De Papel6 måneder siden
  • Poli

    Fadhil KFadhil K6 måneder siden

    sastha.agencies 07sastha.agencies 076 måneder siden
  • Hey f2, Go to Portugal and make a video with Lewandowski and Neymar together. It will become the best video for us. Thank

    ahmed Abdiahmed Abdi6 måneder siden
  • Seen you guys play in the flesh. Great technique but easily intimmidated

    the holmesthe holmes6 måneder siden
  • This keeper is actually O.K.

    Notplayr GDNotplayr GD6 måneder siden
  • Like si no entiendes nada pero te gusta ver sus retos y locuras 🤣

    Javier MonterrozaJavier Monterroza6 måneder siden
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    MANGIA BENEMANGIA BENE6 måneder siden
  • CADE OS 🇧🇷

    João Vitor Alvarenga JoãoJoão Vitor Alvarenga João6 måneder siden
  • Whoever is reading this comment may you and your family parents live long........ May god fulfill all your dreams .... Please subscribe my channel . I am poor so I want subscribers

  • Still really crazy tho

    green footballgreen football6 måneder siden
  • Bro a lot of the goals were scissors

    green footballgreen football6 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Big DawgBig Dawg6 måneder siden

    Firmank Sports GamingFirmank Sports Gaming6 måneder siden

    Firmank Sports GamingFirmank Sports Gaming6 måneder siden

    Firmank Sports GamingFirmank Sports Gaming6 måneder siden
  • But all respect to them

    F O L K SF O L K S6 måneder siden
  • F2 content nw I kinda dieing

    F O L K SF O L K S6 måneder siden