14. jan.. 2021
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Happy New Year, we're back with Jezza taking on Ronaldo in an Intense SPEED RACE!
Who wins?...Check it out!
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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

  • I feel like billy and jezza are good enough for big teams like barca or liverpool or psg

    Mike BusterMike Buster2 timer siden
  • Twist-ronaldo did it first time ,with coach saying in that period. But jessa😕

    Lucky SinghLucky Singh5 timer siden
  • Two totally different tracks

    Thomas ToshThomas Tosh11 timer siden

    The Best Soccer {TBS}The Best Soccer {TBS}Dag siden
  • Cristiano way ahead, the video shows tho the time is ahead

    RUSHRUSH2 dager siden
  • Imagine he accidentally didn’t record

    Mega ManMega Man2 dager siden
  • Ronaldo probably did this after hours of PT sessions and other fitness drills. And he doesn't even look like he's trying that hard tbh

    The Masked ManThe Masked Man3 dager siden
  • 👏👏👏

    زكرياء فورتزكرياء فورت4 dager siden
  • Respect jez

    AYUSHAYUSH4 dager siden
  • تعغللتلنايمثمثكثتصمينيت

    عباس 999عباس 9995 dager siden
  • I am 25 I did the 100 meters in 11.0 seconds flat and I smoke so much ciggies now I would die after the first bit of this drill what a legend Jezza and CR7 is an icon of the game!

    Connagh stokesConnagh stokes5 dager siden
  • Привет русскоязычным зрителям

    Позывной РЭИНДЖЕРПозывной РЭИНДЖЕР5 dager siden
  • 3:51 exat same time

    neo.CR7neo.CR76 dager siden
  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

    5 Minute Craft5 Minute Craft6 dager siden
  • What a flog

    Paul JamesPaul James9 dager siden
  • 4:00 Jez skipped one turn at last

    FootnaldoFootnaldo10 dager siden
  • 😍😍

    El AlamEl Alam10 dager siden
  • عكعك حال معاك

    Moez YounessMoez Youness11 dager siden

    MD UnityMD Unity11 dager siden
  • Song

    YT GS _LEGENDYT GS _LEGEND12 dager siden
  • „Cristiane gave it to me I never took it from him“ That‘s the mindset people need

    Axnxt DxsxaxiAxnxt Dxsxaxi13 dager siden
  • What were the measurements of the course?

    Michael OlszewskiMichael Olszewski13 dager siden
  • Yee

    kyronz_gaminz yeetkyronz_gaminz yeet13 dager siden
  • Very noice

    20 gauge gamer20 gauge gamer14 dager siden
  • My sound was muted buc it is 2😂😂😂😂

    Dnager gaming YTDnager gaming YT14 dager siden
  • Juventus: Ronaldo is trash, we sign jezza right now 🤣🤣

    Zalán ZöldZalán Zöld15 dager siden
  • Check out dude perfect channel. Trust me it’s amazing!

    mark scottmark scott15 dager siden
    • K

      Your mum KnoxYour mum Knox14 dager siden
  • Lol race me. I'm faster than Adama Traore

    Paper CupPaper Cup15 dager siden
  • Jesus love you all guys

    Filip BucsaFilip Bucsa15 dager siden
  • what happened to billy's eye

    Tapojjal BhowmikTapojjal Bhowmik16 dager siden
  • Why’s Jeremy talking like he doesn’t wanna wake his parents up

    G DavG Dav16 dager siden
  • Bro this is target for you if ronaldo takes it as a target u cant beat him🙂⚡

    A B H I NA B H I N17 dager siden
  • Wow🙂

    Unlimited LyricsUnlimited Lyrics17 dager siden
  • Hello, what's the name of the Instagram account of a brown guy? Please please please

    Koka DinKoka Din17 dager siden
  • my Ardik

    بنت عراقبنت عراق18 dager siden
  • Mİss

    Idrissi HoussineIdrissi Houssine18 dager siden
  • 0:18 I see someone’s shadow in the left :)

    ammnajammnaj18 dager siden
  • you legendend jezz

    pittking familypittking family18 dager siden
  • God willing, you two are creative.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman Alalawi19 dager siden
  • Come on, call Cristiano and he didn't knew for race, he can arrive for 27 sec.

    TeodorTeodor19 dager siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Mani saghebMani sagheb19 dager siden
  • False

    Karamba PreiraKaramba Preira20 dager siden
  • F in the chat

    Aldair HVAldair HV20 dager siden
  • What

    محمد أحمد مقدممحمد أحمد مقدم20 dager siden
  • มีคนไทยติดตามช่องนี้มั้ยเนี่ย

    new Launchernew Launcher20 dager siden
  • 36years old❤💯🤟🐐

    Mr. PatientMr. Patient20 dager siden
  • Guys ego is stupid... never stops you think he would pipe down abit after everything this last year or so... OK youre better than ronaldo 🤦‍♂️ have a word man

    Peter RumleyPeter Rumley20 dager siden
  • 👍🤩👍🤩❤️😘😘😍🤩🤭

    g gg g21 dag siden
    • Jk

      g gg g21 dag siden
  • This guy tried his hardest , and Cristiano was walking in the park lol

    9 Spades9 Spades21 dag siden
  • U knew the path

    Sujal L GowdaSujal L Gowda21 dag siden
  • Los Ejercicios De Cristiano Son Más Largos

    Silvana GañanSilvana Gañan21 dag siden
  • Can u answer this question why aren’t u a pro footballer or if u are why aren’t u in the big Leagues?

    Ramish AhmedRamish Ahmed22 dager siden
  • Speed you cr7 pro

    yağız hakanyağız hakan23 dager siden
  • Did Billy get into a fight or suttin, right eye lookin swOll

    Of the Uchiha clanOf the Uchiha clan23 dager siden
  • If ronaldo challenge you he would easily beat you,he ain't chasing anything in that warm its just normal for him..

    Lumri C khiphurLumri C khiphur23 dager siden
  • Nothing but class!

    Dustin DeVriesDustin DeVries23 dager siden
  • Look at my Cristiano skills 🔥🔥

    Be Like CristianoBe Like Cristiano23 dager siden
  • oh my God CR7 losses I am fan of him

    Gregory Ninan Jino 14741Gregory Ninan Jino 1474123 dager siden
  • These videos are shite. Haven't changed for 8 years.. If it was just Bill' it'd be much better.

    Harvey CreweHarvey Crewe23 dager siden
  • Yuh nuh good

    Omar ComedyOmar Comedy24 dager siden
  • Y’all really should join a soccer team like Juventus. Y’all so cold on soccer

    Brian RodriguezBrian Rodriguez24 dager siden
  • 🧐😂🤣😏😂😏😅😏😅😂🥳😃🥳🤣🧐🧐🤨😂😃🤩🤣🤣

    setoaxa Axasetoaxa Axa24 dager siden
  • تراكم مصالح انتوه

    ابو مرجلهابو مرجله24 dager siden
  • If cristiano knew that he is competing with someone then it would be at least difference of 2 seconds

    Aatif ShaikhAatif Shaikh24 dager siden
  • Jez ran around the sticks wrong at the end. Watch closely but still fast run to come close to cr7

    Sergio Prob.3:12Sergio Prob.3:1224 dager siden
  • Mbappe lynch is Your New name 💨⚡️💥

    Robin BergliRobin Bergli24 dager siden
  • Speel fifa mobile™️

    RiqenchoRiqencho25 dager siden
  • أين هم المغاربة

    Adam EssaihiAdam Essaihi25 dager siden
  • U guys can teach me am 16 plzz

    ODOD25 dager siden
  • you are the best

    Harjas singhHarjas singh25 dager siden
  • Can we agree to the fact that jeeza looks like sumit goswami (indian singer)

    PranawPranaw25 dager siden
    • No he does not

      Moh BanguraMoh Bangura16 dager siden
  • I think Ronaldo try slow run

    Roshan KumaranRoshan Kumaran25 dager siden
  • with khlaed

    Samir SalimSamir Salim25 dager siden
  • I remember watching f2 when I was younger but they just aren't quite the same anymore and it is a shame to see their views go down

    Brooklyn GamesBrooklyn Games25 dager siden
  • we need more F2

    OmairOmair26 dager siden

    꽃들판꽃들판26 dager siden
    • A female doctor who tells the truth about the Corona vaccine.

      꽃들판꽃들판26 dager siden
  • Absolutely you are sometimes share video

    LondonLondon26 dager siden
  • You are sometimes share video

    LondonLondon26 dager siden
  • Mo.Salah livarpool

    منوعات tvمنوعات tv26 dager siden
  • That's half assed effort from Cristiano ,imagine if he was at full speed ,beast mode.

    josephsmth646josephsmth64626 dager siden
  • Ou ou

    Chergui HayetChergui Hayet26 dager siden
  • There's a difference in age that's not fair he still the goat I'm unsubscribing just for comparing you shite with him

  • We net Ronaldinho bro . ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰

    Sabah yazidiSabah yazidi26 dager siden
  • Damn he said "i'll be out of breath now for 3 weeks" it has been 3 weeks that they did not upload😑

    Rapworld igRapworld ig26 dager siden
  • Ti aspekto

    Tommaso BernardiniTommaso Bernardini26 dager siden
  • Cristiano Ronaldo aint a machine he is a legend

    Anime Master 2Anime Master 226 dager siden
  • Ldn i watch your video i love it

    Lili AddisLili Addis27 dager siden
  • 1:54

    とれんとれん27 dager siden
  • Ronaldo slowed down at the end, and Jez skipped some pole

  • Lol bruh

    Oritsejubemi EyioneOritsejubemi Eyione27 dager siden
  • 👌🏽👌🏽❤❤❤

    vatsal mehroliavatsal mehrolia27 dager siden
  • well done, showing great sportsmanship to Ronaldo😊

    Roblox Game CinemaRoblox Game Cinema27 dager siden
  • Hi By

    said Batelsaid Batel27 dager siden
  • The F2 are officially pricks

    Wallnut 58Wallnut 5827 dager siden
  • في قمة واصل 😁♥️♥️

    Hakø YTHakø YT27 dager siden
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      Hakø YTHakø YT27 dager siden
    • @Hakø YT ماني امدحك ليش تقول شكرا؟!

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    • @꧁『حسن هلالي 2021 』꧂ شكرا حبيبي

      Hakø YTHakø YT27 dager siden
    • كنت احسب اني الوحيد اللي اتابعهم و مائعرف اش يقولون انت معي كفوووو العرب ايلا الأبد 🇮🇶🇯🇴🇰🇼🇸🇩🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇶🇦🇸🇾

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  • Next is mbappé

    Zahin LaskarZahin Laskar27 dager siden
  • "0:26" Happy to get a lot of U$C from *PG2.ONLINE*

    ms_ gamingsms_ gamings27 dager siden

    Rachid Naim رشيد نعيمRachid Naim رشيد نعيم27 dager siden
  • 1:45 ooh, your ard

    Innes TInnes T27 dager siden
  • Is ThAt A pLaNe?

    NintenseNintense27 dager siden